Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Vacation day with grandorable :)

happy time
I was so happy to spend my day with my grandorable, who is almost one,and is a happy baby,just like her mommy has always been <3

Ready for a nap

strolling around the block

Went to wal mart for some chicken noodle soup, as my stomach has not been feeling great lately.
                         The trip was rather quiet and uneventful. I looked for items to eat that may be easy on my tummy, and thought about ginger ale and corn muffins.
I did consider cheese balls, but for some reason the shelf was empty.
 I mean, who eats giant tubs of cheese balls?! lol
I had the ginger ale and soup and feel better.

Guess I will settle for a meme of cheese balls:

Monday, February 20, 2017

Moody sunsets: pics taken atop Moody Park summit,viewing Mt.Ascutney,Vt

 Our town recently razed many trees in our local park. Many of us who have long enjoyed the beauty and peacefulness of the park were upset, but soon realized there were some advantages to the clearings.
 I found that the top of the park hill now has better views of a local mountain range. When I drive there at sunset, the view and colors are awesome! Here are a few photos I took, some were taken right after a storm and others on a classic summer evening

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Neighborhood Winter pics

Since snow is here for just a few weeks, here are a few pics from my neighborhood, which I like to look at during the summer months to cool off:
snow neighbors

snowy broom
yard pic
siblings playing in the snow
screen house abandoned til spring
an older pic of the river from the town visitor center bridge

Cardboard sled race

Our local community members hosted their annual  family friendly cardboard sled race.
Since we had enough snow this year,and then some, it was held without needing to make fake snow.
The temps were unusually high for February in New England, but we cherish it while it lasts, which is about a day or two before plummeting to freezing!
 My sons group all dressed as soldiers of God's army,and each had a helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness, belt of truth, sword of the Spirit and a shield of faith. The shield was also their sled, clever ideas.
Their group reminded me of a Monty python skit
 Here are a few entries, starting with the one I favored to win due to the design of the runners. The rules state the sled can only be made with cardboard, duct tape and wax, they can also paint it as they like.
I am not sure about the rule regarding crossing the finish line because many entrants got offf their sled and either pushed or pulled it across the finish line. At one point, both racers got off their sleds and it was a contest of who could run the fastest across the line. Not quite a sled race.
Here are a few of the sleds:
Thomas the Train entry, the one I thought would win

Thomas chugs across the finish line, so far was the fastest down the course.

Sisters entered separate sleds
This sled was pushed using feet in back of sled
This sled was moved mostly using her hands, but she never left her sled
A Wing
X wing

Girl Scout flower power sled, a slow but fun trip!
Ice fishing bob sled, stayed afloat til almost the end


You Tube sled
A bit of cow tipping on the course..
Family sled entries

Go daddy! Push me faster!

The view across from me

The race course was held on the tubing lanes
My son with his platoon
The hill looked like it was being invaded by ant bots
They had a great time racing each other

Mock battle
Their swords in the snow look like crosses.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wintry Wednesday

Beautiful scenic branches

Snow gently resting atop pine needles

I attempted to make an animal. any guesses?lol

Nearly done shoveling with my son

Monday, February 13, 2017

Loving having a snow day from school

As much as I do not enjoy driving in snow, I do enjoy spending time with my kids and grandorable baby. Since I pulled a back muscle while shoveling yesterday, I was exempt from having to shovel today.
Instead, I had a slow day before spending time with my grand baby, who has just started standing by herself for a few moments; not walking, just standing up by herself.
 We played with blocks, books, watched baby shows and snuggled.
She got tired and wanted me to hold her for a while, I did not mind 😊
We were nice and cozy inside while the outside was cold and dreary.
I look forward to our next time to spend the day together, but really look forward most to spring when we can get out in the sunshine!