Thursday, December 19, 2013

My quest in being a better photographer

  This summer I have been trying to improve my photography skills in a few areas. One of those areas is lighting. Since my favorite subject has been landscapes,I have been using different combinations of settings; ISO,F-stop,white balance, each important in its own way.
  I have subscribed to several photography blogs with tutorials, gone on you tube and watched many pros give their advice, and then went out and used the info learned to see if I could take award winning pictures. I felt like a failure at first. Not that the photos were awful, though some were,but I wanted so badly to have most of them come out good enough to feel I was a good photographer. I put my self worth in how the pictures came out, which was a really bad way to look at it.
 Here are a few pictures I took. I know they could be better, but I need to realize that I am still learning and will someday look back and see how I've improved. For now, I am mediocre at best.
I hope you like them, even just to see a part of my world in New England.

What has been something you have tried improving, but became frustrated and almost quit?

                           My backyard at sunset..
I love the vibrant colors of Autumn!
                                       Connecticut River at sunset, view of Vermont from NH
I was trying to capture the cold bleakness of Autumn.

This brave bird watched me as I took pics
I like the way the tail feathers glow from the sunrise, it shows the details of the feathers.

My friend was kind enough to put up with my tinkering with lighting, for over an hour. She is a natural for posing, which helped me a lot. 
She is also very patient, which is really how we got through it. 

 This is one of the best shots, taken at the very end of the shoot:

She looks relaxed, lighting wasn't bad and it wasn't grainy.

This is one of the first pics taken, it looks grainy and is badly lit. (yes, she changed shirts.)  

I think I made bad choices in the type of lighting used, as well as where they were placed. 

So many things are wrong with how this one came out, but we laughed and chalked it up to a good learning experience.