Sunday, March 10, 2013

My neighborhood

I enjoy watching and photographing the seasonal changes around my block. Having several species of birds visit the feeder is a treat, especially when they venture to feed when I am close by. I like snow pics because the season is so short and the delicate balance of snow tufts on small branches only lasts a few hours after the storm. 

A Tonka truck gets buried

Thus wreath has been up at least two years,but we like the color it adds.
The hose and reel added color and contour to the land scape.
This bird watched me closely as it flitted between the feeder and the safety of the trees.
This white breasted nuthatch was searching for bugs in mid winter.It sounded like a wood pecker.
One of my first pics taken with my new zoom lens. I was across the yard when taken.

This bird watched me from the trees and waited to go to the feeder.
I tried taking pics of dripping icicles, but couldn't quite get the depth of field I was trying for.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Recent pics I edited:

March 2013

 Here is one example a recent pic I took:
I was walking along the road one Friday in March, looking for something to photograph. That was when the sun began to set; I was in awe of all the colors before me.
 There were several buildings and wires all around me, so it was a challenge to get a clear shot. I tried to take shots where I could crop out the clutter.
I decided to crop out the chimneys and keep the clouds behind the tree. That was the only edit this time, besides writing my name at the bottom.
 I just edited out the chimneys so I can still see the yellow horizon.

 I plan to post pics similar to these, before and after edits.
I am using a basic program, so am using basic edits.
What do you enjoy photographing?

  If you have a comment, please share it. The only way I can improve is to have another person critique my pics. (Hopefully, it will be more positive than not :)

I will never claim to be a pro, 
just a person who really enjoys the art of photography and sharing it with others.

Thanks for your interest in reading this post!
Love and blessings,
Lori LC

First journal entry of this blog:

March Sunset in my neighborhood

  I decided to start a photo journal to have a place to show my work to others, as well as a reference for me to look back at during my journey as a photographer and journalist. I know it will be tedious at first, keeping up with my self-imposed deadlines, but I can only improve if nudged to get it done.
  You are welcome to view and comment the pages, just know I don't claim to be a pro, but am learning as I go along.
Thanks for being here :)
Love and blessings,
Lori LC