Sunday, December 4, 2016

Family faves as of 2015

Snippets in time that have made somewhat of an impact in our lives:

My kids playing their first instrument; A Wurlitzer from their Pepere.  They also learned to play guitar, piano, clarinet, flute, violin and many percussion instruments

Son in law holding t shirt for new baby,due next April <3

Mom and I

my son and I,after playing chase with a beach

Friday, December 2, 2016

2016 Family,growth,change,...lots of Love!

A brief look at our year: 2016

The year was quite a ride, with saying good bye to the old and facing new things family <3
January 2016:
The year began with a house full of family.
My daughter and her husband moved in with their pets while they looked for a house to buy. She was about seven months pregnant, and they were anxious to be in their own place before the baby was born.


  Things were tight, but we managed to get along pretty well. I enjoyed seeing her belly grow week by week, and it was even better when she started working at the same school I am a para educator for.

 February was the month we had her surprise baby shower.
Diaper cake decorations
She said she was not sure about it being a shower until she saw her mother in law's car in the lot. The theme was jungle animals and Calvin and Hobbes. It was a terrific shower and she received many nice gifts.
Baby shower cake theme

my daughter was about 35 weeks along

( I also turned 50 this month.
no photo)

 In March, we were boiling sap to make maple syrup. It was a short season due to to the mild weather. We made about four gallons this year, down from six last year.

Liquid sugar

winter scene in my neighborhood ⛄
March also welcomed the new addition to our family. A beautiful baby girl <3   Life will never be the same for my daughter, her husband, or any of us ;)
bundle of joy πŸ‘ΆπŸ’Ÿ

my baby  holding her baby <3
 On a sad note, my husband's step father passed away. He was one of the soldiers who stormed the shores of Normandin. He said very little of that time
my mother in law and her husband,who just passed awayπŸ˜”

Pep'ere and baby πŸ’•

May..first Mother's day
<3 Family <3
June..end of elementary years, last concert, saying good bye
saying good bye to elementary life ✌
July ..Bob passed
My step dad passed away after an awful battle with kidney failure😒
with my Mom πŸ’Ÿ

August..Ausable chasm...


Fun Spot, Weirs Beach,NH
Fun Spot. Weirs Beach,NH. We spent a day at the largest, which features one of the largest collections of late 1970s and early to mid 1980s games in the world, and is located in the village of Weirs Beach in Laconia, New Hampshire, United States.

Skee ball!!!

September: watching my girls grow <3

Chesterfield Gorge,NH
Fun with students at school Scholastic book fair

 Autumn in New England...
Colorful displays

Trees burst with color

Exploring nature

greasing the trucks
Love spending time with my Grandorable!

Thanksgiving dinner was at my house. We had a dozen hungry pilgrims to feed :)

One turkey made it through unscathed, but Christmas is not far away ;)

December : Last year's photos...

small tree,trying to keep my daughter's cat from destroying it

Posing with my kids,youngest to oldest <3

 The year passed quickly, and I look forward to sharing
 the growth and adventures of 
our family in 2017.
Love and blessings,
Lori LC