Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Local Landscape pics

My favorite subjects to shoot are landscapes.

Here are a few of my faves. 

This is a vegetable stand, put out by a friendly neighbor in a nearby town. 

Volunteers take care of this garden outside our local park.
They do a great job and I appreciate their work and the beauty it adds to the area.

School volunteers take care of the garden beside the message board.
Thank you Garden Fairies :)

Seen along Rt. 123

Choose wisely..

Lawn Mooers..

 No hunting...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Serenity at Ashley Ferry's Landing

This is one of my favorite places along the Connecticut River to photograph at sunset.
Many people have found it an enjoyable place to fish, kayak and canoe, I mainly photograph the landscape, but have fished here with my son a few times. It is a nice, calm and accessible area to spend time at.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fleeting Moment of Calm

My son, taking a brief rest with his sister's pup, Molly, between running with her
and trying to get her to lick his face. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Spring 2014

I have not taken many photos this Spring, partly because my camera needed a complete cleaning, but also because I felt in a funk and everything seemed so over whelming. I am feeling better now, and the camera has been dejunked, so here are the few pics I took, some with my phone cam.
  In April,the snow finally melted by Easter and the kids had a blast gathering eggs at Arrowhead ski area..
He won a prize for finding a Golden egg :)

During April vacation, we went to Montshire kids museum

Along the trails at Montshire Museum

and the Science Museum in Boston,Mass. We had a really good time exploring and learning how things work:
The electricity show at the Museum of Science in Boston is always very cool to watch!

  In May, we went to a pond in NH and watched tadpoles and fish swim around.

My girls sent lovely flowers to me for Mother's Day :)

Last Day of the School Year,2014!

I had the privilege of posting the first message on the school's new message board,
on the last day of school :)  And a big Thank You to the School's PTO, who have helped make the school a better and more fun place for students, staff and families!!
The students and teachers were all in various stages of joy and sadness as the day progressed. Most classes had either a special breakfast or luncheon, along with extra recess and popsicles or ice cream.
Rooms were somewhat tidied,or at least purged of old papers and remnants from the school year.
There was a school wide assembly, where a few students from each class received awards for Integrity and Perseverance. My class of kindergartners were too squirmy past an hour, so we returned to class for cupcake snacks. After snack, each student went to the class they are designated to be in next year. I went with a group to the first grade class I will be in next year. I am looking forward to it :)
At the end of school, my son remembered he had given the principal a lollipop with a scorpion in it, which Mr.Cherry had previously promised to eat. Here are a few pics of him making good on that promise:
This is the first bite, he looks thrilled (not) but did keep his word..

Here is the side view, some of the body parts can be seen..

Another teacher had pity on him and helped take a bite out of it..

Several bites later..

Good (pics) to the last bite..

I have a feeling he will not be promising to do this any time soon. He was a good sport and it really made the day for the students, and teachers, who witnessed it.

All in all, it was a pretty good day, at the end of a pretty good year.
I hope next year will be good,also, though some friends are moving on and I hope they know they will be missed by students and staff alike.

Have a Great Summer!! Keep in touch!
~ Mrs. C  ;)