Saturday, August 9, 2014

Shooting the Moon (three pics)

No matter how many times I see the moon, I always feel awestruck how such a big rock in the sky can stay in orbit for so many thousands of years. I occasionally feel brave enough to try to take pics. Shooting the moon is a challenge for a few reasons;It is a subject with changing lighting, it moves so I have to keep moving, and there are so many pics of the moon already, I know it can be a tedious subject for some.
I recently took a few pics and wanted to share them here. There was still day light, so I decreased the exposure a little.
Hope you like them :)

I sharpened this image to show the craters and irregular border of the moon.

This pic reminds me of a giant tangerine ;)

All photos were taken with Canon Rebel t3 w/75-300 lens

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